Frequently Asked Questions


We provide fast and affordable funding to Start-ups without asking for equity, board seats or guarantees. We simply agree on a percentage of future revenue that goes back to us, until the capital plus a fixed fee is paid back.

Our selection process for financing is simple: we only look at how you spend and earn your money from your marketing and sales channels.

To do that, the minimum eligibility criteria are

  • Revenue history of 6 months
  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)> 1.3
  • Be incorporated

If your company does not show these numbers yet, don't worry. Stay in touch, we will finance you soon!

How does it work?

Apply on our website via the "sign-up" portal by providing us with your business information and connecting your sales, marketing, and your bank account data. We will review your application and send you several funding offers, from which you can pick the one that matches best your sales and marketing needs. Once accepted, we will transfer the funds onto your new ConsciousGrowth Virtual debit Card account, from which you will be able to pay for your marketing spend.

The entire process (application, offers, money available in your account) can be accomplished in as little as 2 days.
It is a virtual debit card connected with your ConsciousGrowth account. Once we fund your business, you can use the virtual debit card to pay for digital advertising or other items in your marketing budget.
If our first financing with you goes well, we will likely offer you follow-on financings.

Fee and Repayment

The fixed fee varies between 6% - 12%, depending on what you spend the money on. The more you spend the money on revenue-generating things, the cheaper the fee.
Repayment is made from your future revenue. A percentage (agreed on when negotiating your terms) of your transaction is applied towards repaying the capital + the fee until they are repaid in full.
As soon as you start using the funds, we will start collecting repayments directly from your future revenue, until your repayment balance (capital + fixed fee) is 0.
All information regarding repayments is available under xxx on your ConsciousGrowth account.
No - once we agree on repayment terms, it is fixed for the funding cycle. We can agree on new terms for a new funding round.

Safety and security

Your data is fully secured and only used to give us insights on how to provide entrepreneurs with better products and services

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